The ZEROMAX system is based on four steel targets (the exact same size as an IPDA -0 zone) always placed in the same array, that by design includes both lateral transitions and distance variation during drills. The drills are all based on basic -but critical- fundamentals used in competition, self-defense, and general skilled handgun shooting. By using small targets, accuracy is made paramount. There is no “almost” or “good enough”. It is a hit or a miss.

The training program alternates between two sets of drills. One set of drills will be performed per trip to the range. They take about an hour to shoot from setup to tear down, and use just over 100 rounds per trip. There is a third set of drills intended to break the monotony of the two main alternating sets (intended to be shot every 4th or 5th trip) and to add some variety to the skills being trained. Scores (both time and accuracy) are recorded on the log sheets to aid in tracking progress over time. Without frequent repetition of basic fundamental skills, accurate tracking and proof of improvement is nearly impossible.

This program represents the only real live-fire training I’ve ever done.
It’s also been used by numerous law enforcement professionals who will vouch for its efficacy, along with a growing number of regional competitive shooters ranging from IDPA marksman level to USPSA grand masters.

Purchasing a training system includes set of electronic files featuring the layout of the targets and shooting positions, explanations of the drills, and the alternating drill recording sheets.

ZEROMAX LEO Testimonial:


I wanted to personally thank you for your superior ZeroMax training program.  I wanted to share my success with you and how the ZeroMax training program dramatically improved my handgun skills.  I am a law enforcement officer currently assigned to a narcotics unit.  I have been in law enforcement for 15 years and am currently a defensive tactics instructor, less lethal/chemical munitions instructor, and firearms instructor.  I was a sniper on a swat team for 11 years and have been an avid hunter since a young age.  The reason I say this is because I thought I was a decent shot with a handgun.  To say the least I was extremely humbled on day one of the ZeroMax program.  My hits and shot times were nothing to brag about and out of the gate I was extremely challenged.

I committed approximately one year to this program and completed the drills one time per week.  It dramatically changed who I am as a shooter.  For example during the Box Transition Drill I started with 5-6 rounds off target and completed the drill in 30 plus seconds.  After completing this training program, I averaged one miss and sub 20 second shot times.  This has been the best shooting program I have ever participated in.  I wanted to personally thank you for this excellent program.

Stay safe and God Bless,