Learn real world skills, techniques, and strategies to gain a competitive edge. These classes cover how to play the game; the nuances of efficiency, the competitive tactics of action pistol competition strategy, and how to gradually shave off time compared to your competitors (or compared to the shooter you were yesterday).

*A popular option for these courses is to shoot some select stages left standing the day after a match, allowing real-life breakdowns of stages actually seen in competition.

*Red dot-specific courses are available for all types of training offered.

*Boutique/individual classes are available for all types of training offered.

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Student Testimonials:

Jasper D., New Mexico

“I took the Go Fast Concepts competition course after the Arizona state match. I was struggling with movement and with stage planning. In the beginning of the course Austin asked what each shooter wanted to learn, and these were what I mentioned. Throughout the day he worked with me on small things that made big differences for me as a shooter. He was patient and attentive, seeing things that would help, then taking the time to explain everything in a way that made sense to each shooter. At the Arizona match I shot so-so. After taking the class I went to the Florida state match, and by applying what I learned during the class, shot one of the best matches of my life. I truly believe that what I learned helped me more than anything, and I will absolutely take this class again. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Chad E.
“This is a great class for every level of shooter. Austin Proulx is an excellent teacher and a down to earth guy who makes this class very fun and enjoyable.
I was given a lot of tips, now to put it all together and progress as a shooter!
Thanks again Austin, you may see me again in the future!”
“-This was a great class and awesome opportunity to learn from Austin, Walt Proulx and the other competitors who attended. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to improve in the competitive shooting sports.”

Phil Z.
“If you want to improve your game this is the class to take!! Austin’s class is top notch; regardless of your skill level he will help you get better.”

Chris B.
“Loved the class, learned a ton. Now I have to apply those things in practice, to make them second nature!”

Allen R.
“If you haven’t done it, I highly recommend it. Austin and his Dad Walt bring common sense training. -(the) course was phenomenal and it helped me tremendously.”

Jason B.
“You really do put on a great class, ‘I likely take it again when the opportunity presents itself. I’m sure everyone took home something worth more than they paid.”

Bryan P.
“If anyone is wondering they need to take this class. Think no more. It’s worth every penny!”

Martin A.
“I wish that we would have been able to take the class before our Major. It would have definitely been a game changer for me. Lucky are those who take Austin Proulx class right before the Match.”