Our Mission:

To provide educational value to as many people as possible, via fundamental skills and transferable knowledge, for recreational shooters and professionals alike. Skills taught should be scalable from first timers to seasoned shooters, and individual attention will be emphasized and utilized as much as possible.

GOFAST Concepts founder (Austin Proulx) and cofounder (Walt Proulx) are seasoned, Distinguished Master and Master-class competitive shooters. They take their own personal training methods and philosophies, and apply them directly to the teaching styles and training tools they offer. Both are members of the Wilson Combat Shooting Team, and between them have accumulated a long history of high national rankings and numerous division victories across multiple competitive shooting disciplines.

Statement from the founder:

“Over time, my passion for competitive shooting revealed that I have another passion: helping people become better shooters. My goal is to pass on knowledge in hopes of improving others’ skills.”

And GOFAST Concepts was born.