I approach law enforcement training with two main goals in mind for the student.

1: To free up mental bandwidth by making solid performance fundamentals second nature, thereby increasing an officer’s ability to make the best decisions and utilize the best tactics possible.

2: To increase an officer’s survivability.

*For those who are interested in the option, or require that a trainer have prior experience as a law enforcement officer, adjunct instructor/combined classes can be arranged. I currently offer such classes in conjunction with my good friend, Rich Donaghe:

“Sergeant Rich Donaghe retired in January of 2022, as a Problem Response Team (PRT) Sergeant with the Albuquerque Police Department.  During his 26-year career, Sgt. Donaghe worked for several organizations, ranging from Municipal, County and Federal Agencies.  The majority of his service was in Patrol, working as an Officer/Deputy and Sergeant, he served as a member of LCPD and FPD SWAT teams and BCSO ERT Team.  Sgt. Donaghe was also an FTO and FTO Sergeant for multiple agencies.  He assisted in standing up LCPD’s Gang/Street Crimes Unit, has worked in different Traffic/DWI Units, and served as Range Master/Firearms Instructor with all these agencies.

Sgt. Donaghe has a long history as a competitive shooter and had the honor to be sponsored by various companies; including BMC Tactical, ARMASPEC, Whiskey Mountain Dynamics, Maverick Outfitters, MacTac and ERGO GRIP.  He is still a very active in 3-Gun, IDPA and USPSA shooter.  He has also appeared in several magazine articles, most recently the Police One (2019) and American Warrior (2017).  Sgt. Donaghe has served as Co-Match Director for the nation’s largest NRA PPC/3-gun match and was the liaison for the NRA’s National PPC match for several years.

Sgt. Donaghe holds 2 Master’s Degrees: Instruction and Curriculum and History, from New Mexico State University.  He attended his first Firearm’s Instructor School at Gunsite in 1998.  He is currently a NMDPS certified Master Firearms Instructor.  During his career Sgt. Donaghe has developed a number of courses ranging from Report Writing to Handgun Optics.  He has been involved in the developing and implementing department policies for training, firearms and use of force for several agencies.

 In 2012, Rich Donaghe started Up the Canyon Training, which has allowed him to share the knowledge and experience he has gained through his multifaceted career. Currently, Up the Canyon Training, offers a variety of firearms related training courses: Red Dot Optics, Concealed Carry, Low Light Conditions and Basic to Advance rifle, shotgun and handgun.  Up the Canyon Training strives to make each course valuable training, an educational and rewarding experience and through practice, improving firearm skills, situational awareness and decision making.”

*Red dot-specific courses are available for all types of training offered.

*Boutique/individual classes are available for all types of training offered.

For more information on rates and scheduling, contact me: contact@gofastconcepts.com